Communicating and listening- Listen to what your client needs and be able to share your skills and what tasks you will be able to complete.

Creativity- Be able to come up with innovative ways to make your projects stand out from others on the market.

Problem Solving- Some of the UX design process will be trial and error as you will have to do test studies to see what works and what doesn’t.

UX Field Focus: Virtual and Augmented Reality

One way User Experience designers are updating the technology field is by incorporating virtual and augmented reality.  Virtual reality is where you wear a headset/glasses and a simulation makes it look and feel like you are in a completely different room. Augmented reality allows you to still see parts of the room you are in but adds a digital layer on top. This allows you to merge the digital and real world. UX designers are help paving the way for how businesses and gamers will get the most value our of  VR and AR.

UX Pathways within VR/AR: