Girls Belong in Technology Mission:

Here at girls belong in tech our mission is simple. We want more female representation in the technology field. Right now women hold less than 30% of the jobs in the technology field, even less in the hardware and software fields. These numbers are not okay. We hope to make this change by starting with middle and high schoolers. It is in middle and high school when most girls drift away from taking computer classes because they are afraid they will not fit in. We are here to inspire girls to take the computer class anyway! Because even if you are one of the few girls in the class, you deserve to be there just as much as the boys do. If girls begin to make this change together, we will become less of a minority in the tech field and it will be less intimidating for future generations of girls to join. Although it may seem like being a girl in the technology field will be a disadvantage, we assure you it is powerful. You will have the opportunity to surprise your coworkers with your determination, share fresh ideas that are unique to you, and help get more girls in leadership positions. We know getting more girls in technology is not going to be easy, but we are determined that if we do it together we will see tremendous rewards!