Leader in Logistics: Carolina De La Paz

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Carolina who has been working in Logistics for 12 years. She started of in the industry as an analyst, and even though she was new, she knew something was wrong with the field. When she looked at the leadership above her she was disappointed to see so few women. Inspired to solve this issue she created Women Enhancing Logistics (WEL). After she founded the organization in 2020 the attendance at her monthly meetings has grown exponentially! Carolina is a prime example of the power women can hold in the technology field! You can read more about Carolina’s mission and success story here: 

E D U C A T I O N :

A college degree is most often required to work in the supply chain field. A common major for Supply chain professionals is Business administration. Most entry level positions do not require a masters degree but a Masters in Business will make you a more competitive applicant.