1. Technical Background

You should be familiar with the products you are marketing, so you know what information is important for the customer to know.


2. Communication

Strong vocabulary, can be convincing with a few words.

3. Creativity

Marketing is all about making your products stand out against the rest. You should be able to come up with creative marketing strategies to help you do this.



To work in marketing you will need a bachelors degree in marketing, business, or a similar field. If you can get a masters in business you will be a more competitive applicant and will have a better chance of getting a higher salary. Some of the top colleges for marketing include University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, and Indiana University at Bloomington. 

For girls in middle or high school who are interested in marketing the best way to get started is to take classes in business and design. You can also work on improving your presentation skills and familiarize yourself with common tools like Powerpoint, Canva, and Adobe. You could also volunteer/apply to be the social media manager or design a website for a club/organization you are involved with.